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About Us

About us

Your future is in your hands, and if you don't know where you are going, ANY road will take you there

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Respect for all people
Quality service, response time and follow up
As an independent health and retirement income advisor, my practice is two-fold: 1) First to design an affordable strategy for healthcare in retirement, and 2) Designing risk- free liftime guaranteed income streams for my clients in their post working years. My recommended strategies for clients do not involve risk, and through years of careful study and documented evidence, I educate people and clients about the advantages of utilizing regulated and insured financial products, versus the un-regulated and and un-insured Wall Street casino trading platform as the safe and secure road to their future…
Respect for all people
Unquestionable integrity
Excellence in everything we do
Speed in servicing
  1. A quality, long term relationship of mutual trust with clients where their well being and interests are always first.
  2. To ensure that clients have access to the best, most affordable healthcare for their current situation and stage of life and retirement phase.
  3. Education of clients to utilize risk-mitagating income replacement strategies in the event of serious illness, accidents, and pre-mature death.
  4. Tax free wealth creation and legacy stategies for family, loved ones, grandchildren and charities.
Respect for all people
Unquestionable integrity
Excellence in everything we do
Speed in servicing
about steve jone
A proud English/Spanish bilingual native of the Southern California border area, Steve Jones-Perez is an experienced business professional and licensed advisor in the area of Medicare, retirement income planning, health & life insurance, as well as long term care cost mitigation strategies. A graduate of the International Business program at San Diego State University and a multiple Dean’s list recipient, he also studied at University of California, Riverside and was a chosen participant in the esteemed Buen Vecino Internship program sponsored by the US/Mexico Chamber of Commerce in 1997. Steve spent his early career within the realm of U.S./Mexico business, having been mentored by founders of the FedMart/Price Club/Costco Wholesale as their warehouse club industry moved south of the border. As an independent consultant, he has led top technical teams in bids to augment the production of electricity in Mexico for the Comision de Electricidad Federal(CFE), and against fierce global competitors such as Mitsubishi. As a Regional Medicare Consultant for UnitedHealthcare during the volatile 2000s, Steve embarked on a new career path where his multifaceted toolbox of skills has forged him into one of the top advisors in the area of critical healthcare and retirement income strategies in the nation. He has trained with CMS-Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, is a skilled problem solver, and his clients’ needs always come first. If you are looking for an honest and educated advisor in these areas, you have come to the right place…
We are now at 33. Alico Life Insurance Company Limited is proud of the fact that around 3.5 million lives are part of our family. It gives us a sense of immense pleasure, while we realize the responsibility at the same time.
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